Taihu Lake is situated in Jiangsu province, 100km western Shanghai city, China. As the third largest freshwater lake in China, occupying a water surface area of 2,250 km², about  4 times as the area of the biggest fresh-water lake Biwa in Japan.

The lake used to be a brackish lake but was once changed into a fresh-water one in recent years and becoming an important water resource to the metropolitan Shanghai City.

Currently, water quality pollution toTaihu Lake is becoming a serious social problem focused on overgrowth of the blue-green algae.

In May 2007, the lake was overtaken by a major algae bloom and major pollution with cyanobacteria.

The average depth extremely thick about 2 metre and rapid economic development in Taihu watershed area, are always considered as important reasons to the pollution.

In addition, reclamation and seawall construction also cause the inquilinous aquatics lost their habitats.

All the situation mentioned are currently leading to a significant biodiversity lost in this area.


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Taihu Lake