Ito, as one of the core sites of the GCOE, is the new campus of Kyushu University.
It is situated in Nishi district of Fukuoka city, bordering Itoshima city which will
be merged by Maebaru city, Shimacho town and Nijyou town in December 2010.
The east side of the campus overlooks from the Imazu tideland to the Hakata Bay.
The Ito Campus was started to construct since June 2000, From the year of 2005,
along with the engineering school finished moving to the new campus, the relocation
project of the whole university is right underway and will be lasted for next future 5 years.
The GCOE focus on plenty environment of natural resource in this area, drawing a
research plan by comparing the monitoring data before and after the university’s moving.

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