A follow-up workshop for

“Eco-evolutionary approaches to understanding and predicting the response of species and ecosystems to climate change” (Paris, Aug 2009)


Eco-Evolutionary Approaches to Climate Changes

Rapid Adaptation to Climate Changes in Plants

August 28-30, Kyushu University 







                        To all workshop participants,



                    We are pleased to announce an international workshop “eco-evolutionary approaches to

                    understanding and predicting response of species range to climate change’’ to be held

                    in Fukuoka Japan, from August 28 to 30, 2010.


                    This is the 2nd joint workshop between the bioDISCOVERY (Chair: Paul Leadley, University of

                  Paris-Sud XI, France) and the bioGENESIS (Co-chair: Tetsukazu Yahara, Kyushu University, Japan),

                  both of the mentioned projects are core projects of the DIVERSITAS organization.



                    I'm writing in my capacity as the bioGENESIS Science Officer and an organizer of the workshop

                  to invite you to participate this workshop.

                    We would also appreciate your presentation on your research field at the workshop.

                    For more details about workshop theme and scope, please refer to a brief introduction of the

                    workshop at:


                   After registration, we will establish a published program and inform you as quickly as possible.


                   All your travel and accommodation expenses will be fully funded by the workshop sponsors:


Japanese Ministry of Environment

GCOE Program of Asian Conservation Ecology of Kyushu University



                  We appreciate your stay for all the sessions and your participation to our further academic discussions.


                  We look forward to meeting you in Fukuoka Japan this summer.





                   Makiko Mimura

                   Ph.D., Assistant Professor

                   Officer of bioGENESIS

                   Department of Biology

                   Kyushu University